Sunday, September 13, 2009


hey! about the themes...
i was thinking about it the whole weekend and didn't decide myself yet.
just to let you know what i thought:

- collections (i love collecting things - pencils, stamps, teabags, business cards, postcards...)
- books (my biggest passion)
- music (all things related - lyrics, instruments, singers...)
- home (sweet)



  1. an entire moly dedicated to a teabag collection could be very silly. I had this image of lumpy used tea bags in different forms creating different puddles of tea stains on the page. Like I said silly.

    I think all of these themes could work well.
    It really comes down to what do you love and/or amuses you/makes you happy and what would you love to draw?

  2. I actually thought of teabags myself, but I know the moly isnt overly excited about teastains (mine has started smelling a little funny >: dont think it was entirely dry when i shut it so now I'm airing it)

    I haven't decided a theme myself yet, have you gotten your moly yet?