Friday, September 11, 2009

Mailing Dates & ...

A few more thoughts...

1. Mailing date what works for everyone? It seems often molys go out at the beginning of each month, however that certainly does not need to be the case considering that some of us do not have our molys yet, perhaps we might want to consider mailing mid month starting in October. When I ordered my moleskine from Amazon and it arrived within a few days so if people order today they'd probably have them mid month. Also, just FYI mercury goes direct after this gnarly bout of retrograde we've been in on October 16th perhaps we could launch the mailing process then. What do you all think of this idea?

2. Delivery Confirmation/Tracking? Marty probably has an answer for this one. Is it customary to mail with some method for tracking? With US post it is possible with express mail or global express & Priority, but not First Class. Fortunately the Priority rate for up to 4 lbs is reasonable. First class can be sent registered, however it can not be tracked.


  1. 1. ordered my moly today from amazon. it will take about 2/3 weeks to arrive. so middle of october will be ok for me.

    2. i always send gifts for my penpals and notebooks from postcrossing trough registered post, it's safe.

  2. Too expensive to insure and track. Keep your receipt, and hold your breath. I have lost only one book, and there was barely anything in it. We have had good luck with standard mail. Less luck with members. Communication is key to keeping your exchange alive.

  3. So, let everyone know when you sent a book, and when you've received a book.

  4. Is there a particular way that the moly should be wrapped(in plastic-lined envelopes), or is it good to just send it in a normal paperenvelope?