Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jenn asks:

Greetings Marty,

I am curious as to the logistics of the next phase. As of now we've got you, me and Mjux following the blog. So obviously we'll all need molys (got mine) and figure out our themes. Who coordinates the mailing schedule? What kind of time frame do we have for prepping our molys before they launch? Who is responsible for collecting everyones' mailing addresses and servings as the point person?

Do you recommend tracking confirmation with mailing?
With a group of 5 do we do all of our pages in one shot or do we send it around for 2 goes?
Is there anything I am not asking that I should be?


Marty answers:

Yes, you all need molys, Moleskine Japanese fold pocket sketchbooks, .

For mailing, you may choose to follow the rotation listed on the right, or you can change the rotation. Simply send a flicker mail to the person you will be sending your books to requesting her mailing address.

The moly_x guidelines suggest that each artist complete and mail her entry within a month. Entries may be 2-4 pages. The exchange is more interactive if you go around twice, but keeping people interested and comitted for 1 1/2 years is a challenge. Up to you all.

You will have other questions. I recommend that you post your questions on the blog and on the moly_x discussion board. I think that there will be many with the same ?s. There will also be many different answers to choose from.

How's that?

Thanks for the questions. Communication is key. Also, please let your group know when receive and send a book.



  1. Thank you Marty,
    Seems nice and straightforward.
    So as I understand it now:
    I send my moly out to Shazbrown in the UK...
    who sends hers to Oda Mjelde in Norway...
    Who sends hers to Carolina Moraes Marchese in Brasil...
    Who sends hers to Roshnii Rose in the UK...
    Who mails hers to me Jennifer in the USA...
    And then when I am done with Roshnii's I mail it on to Shaz
    and so on and so on!

  2. So we send the moleskine we've got to the same person each time?

  3. I believe that is how it works. It is called a Round Robin this way every book gets drawn in by every person and all get back to the owner at the same round.