Thursday, September 10, 2009

Greetings & Questions

Hello, I'm Jen (aka Langelbleu).

I live in the Maine on the north east coast of the United States about 7 miles from the ocean. I've been an artist my entire life as well as a spiritually & magically oriented person. I live with my husband and our menagerie of 2 pugs & 3 kitties, abundant vegetable, perennial gardens & compost piles and pair of Kombucha Mamas that live quietly fermenting in huge jars on the kitchen counter.

I have worked in many mediums over the years and am rather comfortable with quite a few. My formal training started in ceramic sculpture, drawing & painting and evolved to a BFA with a focus in photography & film making, which eventually transformed into a full time career as a professional custom tattoo artist/medicine woman.

Spiritual healing, energy work, shamanism and following an earth centered devotional path is a profoundly integral part of my work as an artist and life. For me creating art is touching the sublime, connecting to the vast undefinable Mystery, and is my means of meditation and transcendence. At my core I consider myself a Universalist. I believe there are infinite ways to define and discover the Sacred. As an artist I spend my days working with others to create what they seek, so I am especially delighted to work collaboratively with others and create images based on their unique desires.

I am looking forward to learning who the rest of you are and discovering what we shall all create together!

So here are some questions I've got about our process...
I am curious as to the logistics of the next phase. As of now we've got you, me and Mjux following the blog. So obviously we'll all need molys (got mine) and figure out our themes. Who coordinates the mailing schedule? What kind of time frame do we have for prepping our molys before they launch? Who is responsible for collecting everyones' mailing addresses and servings as the point person? Do you recommend tracking confirmation with mailing? With a group of 5 do we do all of our pages in one shot or do we send it around for 2 goes? Is there anything I am not asking that I should be?


  1. Hi <3 Love your intro, really makes it easier to know who you are!

    Questions! I've got my moly lying here, ready for me to make a theme for it. I suggest we all make our own themes for our molys, and write them in the begining of the moleskine. Mostly because I find it more intresting to see what others want, and to create something differently each time^^
    As for timeframe, do you think one month is a too short time before we send off our molys?

  2. I totally agree about choosing individual themes.
    One month seems reasonable to me considering that we'll be sending out molys on a monthly basis it is good practice.

    Seems like once all of us are up and running on this blog then the clock could start ticking?

  3. You are a cool Kitty. Nice to meet you, Jenn.

    I am headed to your neighborhood this weekend, Providence, RI. Accompanying daughter to school. I dream of taking an Outward Bound course in Maine next fall. Love the east coast, but I've never been in Maine.

  4. Why thank you Marty I believe it takes a cool cat to recognize like.
    Have fun in Providence! It is a lovely town. I spent a summer at RISD between highschool & college. I loved Thayer street.
    Is your daughter also an artists? Is she going to RISD or perhaps Brown?

    Maine is a beautiful place and I must say our early falls are sublime a very very fine time indeed to be visiting these here parts.