Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Entry!

Today was one of those perfect rainy Sunday afternoon/evenings when making art and listening to the last chapters of Harry Potter #7 on the ipod was the perfect way to spend my time.
I had already drawn a rough sketch to work from so it was just a matter of bringing my idea from the ethers into form.

Lately I've been working a lot with a combination of markers & pens starting out with a light pencil sketch which I then work into with layers of permanent colored marker, pitt pens in sepia & sanguine, microns, opaque markers, gel pens & metallic pens. I love the richness and saturation I can get with these and the speed and ease of use with them.
Bee Priestess (for Moly_X_76)
In addition to the start of the spread, I also illustrated the inside cover page which contains all my contact info and such (blurred for public privacy purposes)
Inside Cover of my Moly for Moly_X_76

I still want to create something for the very front cover however I think I may create it separately and glue it on when it comes back to me completed to protect it from wear and tear on the road. I also want to decorate the back pocket as well as design a set of hexagon shaped tags for everyone to sign in so that the book has a special place for each of us.

I hope you all have as much fun creating yours as I have had doing mine & may it perahps help to get you excited for your own process!


  1. It looks fantastic - so vibrant! I can feel the warmth of the oozing honey :-)

  2. Vivacious! Good and generous spirit.