Thursday, September 10, 2009


Jen made such a nice intro of herself, so I thought I could do one too.

My name is Oda, going by Mjux. (I'm female, seeing as Oda is a male japanese name I'd like to state that sooner than later<3)

I'm norwegian and 18 years old, currently in my last year of high school where I'm taking art as a speciality. In the future I hope to attend an art school but that'll have to wait till my economy is secure.

I'm quite experimental with my art and I dislike being stuck to one direction (though I won't experiment in your moly, of course). My favourites are colourpencils and ink in moleskine, but also collages and some kinds of marker.
My inspiration range from colours to pretty objects. I'm more visual than spiritual as I never seem to get my thoughts out of my head(therefore they stay there and I go by estethically pleasing).

I really hope we'll get this group on the run and create lots of wonderful art in eachothers moleskines. I don't think it'll be a problem if we all try to stay on time. Of course life can get in the way and if it does I'd love it if you could make a post here alerting the others about it (:
If one of us should loose intrest, making a post alerting about that would be great too, so we can sort something out.

Other than that, the questions on the bottom of Jen's post are important, and we should try to sort them out as soon as possible so we can get going <3

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  1. Hi Oda/Mjux wonderful to meet you!
    I am it is exciting to see your enthusiasm and love for making art. Going to art school is a great thing (I did it myself a while back) however I think just making art is even more important.
    I reposted the guidelines from Moly_x Flickr group and I think we can get this all going pretty easily.
    I look forward to seeing what we all decide to do!