Friday, September 18, 2009

Theme: Stream of Consciousness

Hi everyone,
I have had a pretty busy week, so haven't got round to posting my theme until now.

I have chosen the theme 'Stream of Consciousness'. It is not so much a theme as a way of working.

I have been exploring using a stream of consciousness approach in creative writing - you can see some on my blog. The idea is that you write - or in this case draw, paint etc. without letting your mind do much thinking.

Instead you sort of let the image draw itself without editing or criticising. I have found it to be an amazing way of working with writing, as things come up that never would have done if I had tried to control the process. So I am curious to see what happens with visual art.

I hope you can all get into working in this way. Just let it flow!

Let me know if you have any questions about it.
I have my moleskine now, so I suppose I better get drawing!


  1. I love that way of working too, I've been testing it in my art for the last months. It'll be intresting to try that in your moleskine with others :3

  2. it will be a nice trial for me. (: