Thursday, September 24, 2009


How are you all doing with recieving your molys, deciding themes and drawing the first pages?
Should we start sending them out the 15th of October or sooner? Maybe later?


  1. I have my moly.
    I have Sharon's address & Roshnii has mine.
    I started a preliminary thumbnail sketch.
    I will still need time to do my art in the actual book.

    It seems to me that it would make sense to schedule our first mailing deadline for 3 weeks following the last person's receipt of their own moly. And then set that as our monthly date from there on in.
    Of course if anyone wants to send things early they certainly can.

  2. I have my moleskine and I've sent Carolina my address but I haven't starting drawing yet.

  3. Seems sensible Jennifer, but who's got their molys yet?

    I know that..
    and myself
    ..has got the moly, Carolina is still waiting?
    And I don't know with Sharon.

  4. I had a great burst of creative energy this weekend and mine is ready to mail off to Sharon now.
    With Sharon's last post she confirmed she has hers, so that means Carolina is the only one who's status we have not confirmed.
    If she has received her moly, then as I mentioned before Mercury goes direct on the 16th of October seems like a great time to officially start.

  5. I just got flickr mail from Carolina, she's very busy with school right now.
    She has not gotten her moly yet, Amazon said it will arrive by Oct 19th, however she expects it sooner and she's been sketching for it already so she believes she'll be able to get it posted quickly.

    She'll be responding to posts here herself by the end of the week.

  6. hi there!
    i'm still waiting for my moly... amazon says it'll arrive here by 19/october. well, all things i ordered from amazon arrived earlier than they expect.
    i also have some sketches for my drawings. so i should be fast to do my part.