Friday, March 12, 2010

so... what should we do now?

hey girls!

as we are getting close to complete the moly circle i think we should discuss what are we going to do about the books..
maybe the books will be sent home and the owner decides what to do?
or are we going to do the travel circle again?
invite more people to join us?

so if someone have an idea...


  1. I don't recall how many free pages are left in each moly, now that they're on their way home. Is it 5? or more? It's not enough for a full circle, and I think it's a bit late to bring in new people to this round.

  2. yes, that's right. each moly has about 21/25 full pages, and the molies have 30.

    i tought we could keep drawing at the other side (there's no problem for me), but i remember sharon's moly (is really this moly, right?) was written at the other side...

  3. Yeah I've written on the backside of just about each entry I've made.

  4. All of the pages I have done were done with permanent marker which bleeds through to the back so none of my pages would be good for going on the back.

    I would vote for continuing on the one side and then introducing new moleskines for the people who wish to remain in the exchange with new themes for the books.

    In terms of the remaining pages of each book we could either divide them between us and do smaller 2 page sections, or let one or two people finish the 8-9 remaining pages in each book.

    I have Sharon's moly ready to go back to her and there are 9 remaining blank pages in the book. This could be divided into 2 pages per person with one left for the owner. I can 2 more pages if you'd like Sharon, or not.

  5. Once I get my book now I'll keep it.
    My economy doesn't allow me to continue this any further, I'm afraid. I'm also shifting works this summer and that includes a move, so I'll have to finish this for now <3