Monday, March 22, 2010

2 molys off to Sharon

I finally got to the post office today!!!
Sharon's moly is going back to her as well as Oda's.
At this point I have drawn in each moly and I await the return of mine from Roshnii when it is completed.

So I know that Oda is keeping her moly and dropping out of this exchange.
This leaves Sharon, Carolina, Roshnii and me. I know that Sharon and I have both expressed interest in continuing and from Carolina's last post I suspect she'd like to continue too. So this leaves Roshnii's plans to be confirmed.

So with 4 of us left we could do another round of 2-3 pages each to complete our moly's for this round and then start a new round. I'd love to see if we can add 1 or 2 new people to replace Oda since she is leaving us.


  1. Hi Jen and others,
    Sorry that I am not very on the ball at the moment. I am still working on Jen's moly. I have made a start but then got a bit stuck and a bit busy. I will finish it asap so that you can have it back.

    I had said in a previous comment on the blog that I would be up for doing another round but I am now having second thoughts as I am struggling to do much else apart from being a mother to my increasingly active toddler son.

    So, I am thinking that perhaps I should not take part in the continuing exchange as I find it difficult to find time to do the drawings.

    Having said that, I have really enjoyed taking part and getting back into drawing again. I would love to see photos of the completed molys.

    Roshnii x

  2. ps. I hope that doesn't make it very inconvenient for you guys to carry on...

  3. Roshnii, I certainly understand life getting hectic. It is no inconvenience for me that you are stepping out. I think it is far more important to recognize the limit of your energy & resources and direct them accordingly.
    If you find yourself remaining really stuck with the Bee Moly for weeks more than if you are comfortable we could make it a colaborative piece and I could finish what you started. That said I am in no hurry to receive it. I'll be getting real bees in a month or so, and it would be cool to have the moly back around then as a synchronicity.
    Please just keep me posted about your status with it.