Sunday, January 10, 2010


Happy new year everybody. It's a brand new year, and we're still going strong!

I'm still waiting for Roshnii's moleskine to pop down into my mailbox, but I'm sure it'll be here by the week.

How are the rest of you doing? :)


  1. Hi I post "Stream of Consciousness" moly on two days before Christmas by air mail - no way of tracking it but keeping fingers crossed.

  2. Hi,
    Happy New Year everyone. I really switched off over the holidays but I am getting back into gear now.
    I have done my drawing for 'Everyday' and I plan to post it to Jen tomorrow. Then I have 'Flowers to be getting on with'.

  3. I just finished Carolina's moly and posted a pic of it in another post.
    I am excited to be receiving Oda's moly, Roshnii I'll be watching for it!
    Happy New Year to you all.
    BTW I just revamped and launched my new website for my business as well as created a new portfolio which I just got back from the Apple Printers and I must say I am impressed with the quality from a book I created & published in iPhoto.

  4. Sharon: could you please go to the postoffice where you sent the moly and ask them to track it for you? (Send a note the same way the moly was sent, broadcasting that its been lost, to see where it disappeared)/lets hope it didnt fall off the plane <.</
    It hasn't arrived at me yet so at some point in the system it's been lost D:

  5. I just posted the moly (everyday) off on Monday. Sorry I didn't get round to it sooner.

  6. Podam - There's no way I can track it once it has left me. It was sent to
    Oda Mjelde
    Per Morks veg 2
    2005 Raelingen NORWAY

    I'll say a little prayer to St Anthony and see whether that works!!

  7. That's the right adress. Hope it'll appear sooner or later >: Who's moly was it?