Saturday, January 30, 2010

hey girls!
i'm again worried with the books. /=
i sent sharon's and jennifer's moly to roshinii...
and you, roshinni got no one, i am right?
i don't know. she shoul have received sharon's, at least.

this post is just to tell you that, girls.
i am sorry again. maybe i should not get part on this kind of thing anymore. /=


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  2. Don't worry Caroline :) Roshnii have both. She said so in my post "A pleasant surprise" the other day.
    I'd quote but apparently I cant(...?) here <-< it wont show.
    But all moleskines seem to be accounted for now^^

  3. Yes - not to worry Carolina. I have them. Sorry if you didn't see my message.

    Everyone - I have been feeling a bit run down lately, so I have been getting early nights and not having time for sketching. So apologies if I am a bit slow to complete the molys at the mo.

  4. ow! that's good news! (: