Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sharon's moleskine off to Carolina ^^

Everyone still hanging on? :3

I just finished Sharon's moleskine :)
I'll send it off to Carolina tomorrow.


  1. I'm hanging in there. I have done the pencil sketch for Roshnii and will be coloring it in soon to mail out to Sharon by the 20th.

  2. This looks great. I love the tree trunk.

    No sign of any sketchbooks arriving at my end. Although there have been lots of postal strikes, so everything is slow.

  3. I've sent two molys to Carolina, so she's probably got three with her now if you haven't gotten anything yet, Roshnii :3

  4. hey Roshnii! i had some financial problems and i ended up sending my moly to you only today. sorry. ~=

    by the way... podam's moly is almost done. i'll be sending it to you on monday, ok?