Friday, November 20, 2009

Question for everyone

I've been noticing that Moly_x_75 is floundering. It appears that only 2 of the members are active out of 10! I was wondering if we might invite Mandy & Helen to join us here since we are just beginning and it seems that all of us are really committed to doing this. I just mailed Roshnii's moly off to Sharon, and I'd be happy to double up with two molys to get people in our loop. I sent a flickr mail off to Marty to see if this is viable. I wanted to see what y'all think too.
Is this a good idea or do you think it would be too bothersome?


  1. OoouI wish i got an emailnotification for each new entry here, not just replies <.<

    I think that's a great idea, but who's not active? Are all our molys stuck with one person?

  2. I think all of our molys are doing fine. I just sent Roshnii's off to Sharon. I know that Carolina's went out a little late so Roshnii may still be waiting for international mail to catch up with her.

    Perhaps now is a good time to ask who has which Moly right now.
    I am waiting for the next one. How about everyone else?

  3. I've got no molys right now. Just sent yours to Carolina. So I'm probably waiting for Roshnii's moly from Sharon. But we're a bit ahead, wasn't supposed to send yours off before next month. But I've got a lot to do right before christmas so I figured I'd do it while I remembered ;3

  4. I totally hear you about getting things done early before christmas! As soon as I get Carolina's I'm gonna work on it so I can send it back out hopefully before the holiday rush. One thing to consider tho is that from now till Xmas the post will be extra slow more than likely.

  5. Mmhmost likely. But I entirely agree with you on bringing in more. I think we can place them into the loop quite nicely :)

  6. excellent. I hope to hear from everyone else to see if we all want to invite them to join us.

  7. i don't know. i'm a little bit confused.
    i think this is going too much fast...
    i don't know, i tought we would send/receive just one moleskine in a month.

  8. Yes the plan is to send and receive one in a month. So if we chose to roll new people into the group they'd just get added to the rotation so we'd have 7 people instead of five it would not mean we'd move any faster. I believe the plan is to complete each moleskine and mail it by the 20th of each month. As we started with mailing our own by the 20th of October that means that each of us would have already mailed or be close to mailing our first addition in another person's book. Then once the next one arrives we have till the 20th of December to get that one done.
    So adding 2 more members should not effect your responsibilities except that it will take 2 more rounds for your book to return to you after 2 additional people contribute to it and of course you'd be able to draw in 2 more books.
    If this seems like too much trouble we certainly don't have to do it. Not to mention who knows if they'd want to join us anyway.

    I hope this reply made sense Carolina and didn't just add to your confusion.

  9. I received Roshnii's moly today and will complete it in the next couple of weeks. I am all for having a bigger group as long as everyone participates.

  10. I have not received Carolina's sketchbook yet. So, I have still only completed one entry (in my own moly).
    I don't mind a couple of other people joining our group if theirs isn't working out.
    I can only manage one entry a month though (although at the moment I am not even doing that).