Thursday, April 8, 2010

Checking In

So what's happening?
Sharon did you get your moly back yet from my posting it?
Roshnii are you making progress with mine or do you want to send it back for me to finish?
Oda have you received yours back yet?
Carolina how about you?

It seems like we're totally losing momentum. Even the people who've expressed a desire to continue have been really quiet.
At this point I have plenty on my plate to do without continuing this moly exchange and I will not be heartbroken if it fades, I am however down for continuing if there is some sincere interest from the rest of you.
Let me know where you are all at please.


  1. I have my moly back thank you and I am about to post Oda's on to her. I think, like you, that I will not continue with this particular moly - I have enjoyed it but I have other commitments which take up a lot of time now we have lighter evenings etc.

  2. sounds like a plan. I'll send Marty a message letting him know where we are all at.
    Carolina this only leaves you unaccounted for in terms of continuing with Moly 76.

  3. Apologies for the communication breakdown.
    As Jen already knows, I completed my entry in the bee moly and posted it back to her.

    I received my own moly a little while ago and I am really pleased with it. Thank you all for your contributions to it. I will take some photos or video of it and post it to flickr soon.

  4. I've got nothing so far, but seeing as all plane trafic to Norway is at a standstill from the ash on Iceland, there's no wonder I haven't gotten mine yet.

  5. I recieved my moleskine today^^ Thank you so much all, it looks wonderful! I'm very pleased with the outcome <3

  6. So glad to hear your moly is home Oda!
    I received mine the other day so this means all of the Moly's are back home now.
    Thank you all for a successful round and keeping it going all the way through.