Saturday, October 10, 2009

My moly is ready to go^^

Ready for shipping to Carolina as soon as we start (:

Tiny picture, click it to see fullsize.


  1. ow i'm looking forward to get it. (:

  2. What have we decided about mailing dates?

    I think I need a deadline to kick me into action with my colouring!

  3. 16th? Perhaps the 20th? Or what do you all think?

  4. Mine has just been posted to Norway!!!

  5. hey there!
    i don't know what's happening. my moly doesn't arrived yet...
    i'll need like 3-5 days to draw my part. i have some sketches...

  6. I sent mine off to Sharon on the 1st. I figured a head start for international postage is always helpful.
    Roshnii whenever your moly is ready to go I am ready to play with it. I look forward to adding to the stream!

    In terms of Dates, from a moon cycle standpoint the moon is new on Sunday the 18th so mailing on Monday the 19th (or Tuesday the 20th) would be most fortuitous in the starting of a new venture.

  7. I'll send mine off as soon as I've got the possibility :)
    From next month of, shall we send them out before the 20th?
    Won't matter which date as long as it's sent before the 20th? (Not that important this month of course, since we're starting up and Carolina hasn't got hers)

  8. I think a goal of sending off before the 20th is a great idea!

  9. Wonderful <3 shall we say it like that then? makes it flexible enough for us all too. (the postal-office's opening-times are horrible here, I must make it a whole-day-project to go there :P )